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Transactional Services & Advisory


Transactional Services & Advisory

We have the experience and expertise to support business owners through the critical path of fundraising, M&A transactions and post transaction integration and consolidation.

Accounting Due Diligence
Accounting Due Diligence involves the audit and review of financial information to ensure the data used for a deal or arrangement is complete and accurate. Our background in Auditing SEC Clients and running businesses has provided us with the know-how and insight to perform these services with a risk-based approach and cost-effective plan.

Cash to Accrual Accounting
Cash Accounting Method recognizes revenue and expenses when the cash is received or paid. Accrual based accounting recognizes and matches revenues and expenses in the time they are incurred, to provide an accurate depiction of a business’s or division’s profitability and going concern. We have the expertise to take business cash-basis accounting records and translate them into accrual based financial reports.

Valuation Analysis
We take a deep dive into financial records, qualitative data and different scenarios to provide a clear and understandable explanation of a business and/or asset value.

Funding and Capital Raises
We have a network of commercial bankers, institutional investors and private funds to ensure you are making the best decision on the type of capital needed for your business. We will help prepare the reports and facilitate discussions to get you the best deal and structure.

Term Sheet Negotiations
A term sheet is a high level outline of a deal structure developed at the onset of negotiations to ensure a mutual understanding between parties. It is critical to set the terms in a favorable position for your business at beginning stages. We will review and analyze the terms for a deal, capital raise or transaction to ensure a favorable outcome for your business.

Systems and Workforce Integration
Before, during and after a transaction, it is important to manage change within your organization and the impacts of such change on your bottom line. We take into consideration the qualitative and quantitative impacts to minimize collateral damage and increase acceptance, alignment and profitability.