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Accounting & Bookkeeping


Accounting & Bookkeeping

We provide cost-effective accounting services that ensure you have complete, accurate and timely financial information to make informed decisions.

Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable, commonly referred to as A/P, is the process of receiving, matching, approving and paying invoices from your vendors and contractors. Even more important part of accounts payable is building a database of all vendors and contractors to ensure they have the appropriate licenses, insurances and expertise. In a supply chain, your vendors play a crucial role in the ultimate delivery of a product or service to your customers and it is important to collect data and information related to your vendors to make sure they are the best fit for you and your business.

Accounts Receivable
Accounts Receivable, commonly referred to as A/R, is the process of invoicing and collecting money from your customers and other partners. It is important to invoice customers promptly, manage your sales terms and ensure you are collecting all the money that is owed to you. This is a critical part of managing the cash flows of your business.

Reconciliations and Month End Closing process
Reconciliations and Month End Closing process refers to the activities performed on a monthly basis to ensure your financial statements are complete and accurate. It is important to review your financials on a regular basis and ensure you have a transparent view of your businesses financial performance.

Systems Integration
Systems Integration is the activity of making sure information flows through your business in the right way. There is an old adage related to data in a company ”garbage in, garbage out.” It is important that information input into a system is correct, flows through the proper channels, and ends with accurate outputs used to base business decisions