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About us

Capone & Associates is committed to transforming the way traditional accountants and finance professionals support the growth of businesses and local economies.

We offer scalable Accounting and Finance solutions tailored to your business lifecycle and needs.  We have first hand experience and the technical background to support start-ups, established businesses and transactional ventures.  We match the business owner’s excitement to create a highly collaborative working relationship that produces serious results!

Meet the Founder, Chris Capone

Chris is an experienced CFO with a track record of scaling and managing both start-up and established companies while aligning business strategy with the business owner’s personal vision, goals and finances. He is a licensed CPA in the state of North Carolina and has robust experience with technical finance and accounting, strategic planning & execution, raising capital  and risk management.

– Co-founder and CFO of business from Zero to $100M + Revenues

– Managed Millions in cash and assets safely and efficiently. Strategically leveraged to raise capital and generate ROE.

– Raised, managed and restructured over $50M in debt and equity financing to reduce cost of capital and increase speed to market.

Chris is an outdoors and sustainability enthusiast, spending his free time building a homestead with his wife in Seabreeze, North Carolina.

Our entrepreneurial spirit sets us apart from traditional accounting and consulting firms

Of course we have the education, certifications and degrees.  But most importantly, we have hands-on experience starting, scaling, managing and purchasing businesses.  We do the technical stuff as good as anyone, but our insights and strategic mindset sets us apart from other accounting and consulting firms.  If you believe your business is too small for our services, you may be surprised how important it is to work with an experienced CFO from day 1 to build the foundation and systems to achieve your long-term business objectives.

Our philosophy

Every business owner deserves a financial partner that shares the same level of excitement in building their business.  We are process driven, results oriented and make the boring stuff fun.  We look past the numbers to provide the ultimate insights based on qualitative and quantitative data to make the best decisions in the hardest circumstances.

Protecting the well-being and security of our clients is of utmost importance, the crux of our culture and operating system

We have the technical expertise coupled with first hand experience of starting, building and growing real companies

We operate on the cutting edge in every aspect of business, providing exceptional results and the ultimate client experience